Merci encore à toi et aux belles âmes rencontrées dans cet atelier. Ce que je n’oublierai jamais, en dehors des nouvelles clés que j’ai en main, c’est ce sentiment de contentement.. de satiété .. de débordement d’affection et d’amour que je veillerai à conserver longtemps encore… J’ai un peu de mal aujourd’hui à me reconnecter à la vie ..active, je me sens parfaitement bien et j’ai une forte envie d’aimer tout le monde … Merci
During MAT’s sessions, the feelings that overflow are not only very surprising but overwhelmingly unique. I came out refreshed, recharged and reenergized by my inner strength.
J’ai toujours refusé de me faire suivre, toujours. Avec toi, tu as su canaliser toute cette énergie - je suis agitée, mais mon agitation est contenue et par ta douceur, ta patience et ton professionnalisme, tu m’obliges, malgré moi, à me calmer et à me focaliser.
Merci encore pour ces moments très forts que tu nous a fait vivre. Tu es un instrument magnifique empli de positivité, un grand cœur, plein d’amour, simple et encore et encore….
I have attended to 4 retreats during which MAT was the facilitator. It became for me the benchmark for a successful retreat. Thanks to you, we learned how to really listen to each other (what was said and what was not said) and to get completely involved in the retreat exercises. A retreat with you is an emotional journey during which we tighten the bonds that are necessary for a healthy team.
I wanted to give you some feedback on how impactful this talk has been for me. It has been like a mini-revelation. Something I wished I had known a long time ago. I read the book with as much pleasure and could see so many areas of my life and people in my life I could apply this new knowledge to. I will surely get the other books.
Merci merci merci 1000x à toi Mat ! Tant d’énergie pure et élevée, de partage et d’Amour. Life changing experience ♥ Mis en pratique dès hier soir et ce matin 😉
Marc-Antoine was very capable of re-energizing our team in a very systematic and structured exercises that were very enjoyable and meaningful. His methods where unconventional and had zero monotony in them. They kept ALL the members involved and interactive at the same time. Marc-Antoine introduced discipline and in a very balanced manner that made everyone comfortable yet online and involved. The material and the subject had the right content and dosage. And he was very capable of reaching out to all the team members.
I have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend Marc Antoine Tschopp. He has over the past four years worked extensively with my company. His approach to energise and engage members is unique and outstanding. I personally have benefitted enormously from his inputs and his encouragements were of a great help in supporting me to open up more and in the process get amazing take home value. Our past three workshops have been memorable events and tremendous learning opportunities.
Je suis rentrée chez moi hier soir apaisée avec moi même. Cet atelier m’a fait prendre conscience de beaucoup de choses et m’a fait prendre des décisions (action réaction hier après-midi) où je me suis sentie bien tout de suite après. MAT je te remercie du fond du coeur et de mon être, car j’étais une personne pas sure de moi, je me dévalorisais. Grace à tes ateliers, je me découvre, j’ai confiance en moi et je suis une âme de paix et de lumière maintenant. Je me parle, je ris seule et je n’ai plus peur d’être seule avec moi même. Je te souhaite de toujours continuer sur ce chemin car tu sauves des vies…
Au début de l’aventure j’ai exprimé combien il était difficile de vivre avec moi-même… Aujourd’hui, j’ai envie de vous dire que je m’adore et que je m’aime.
We’re grateful to MAT for his time and his methods that helped us move to the next level. As a psychologist, his understanding of human nature and his sensitivity made us far more comfortable than we expected to be.
Marc-Antoine, Workshop under your stewardship was a game changer for our management team. Your preparation was impeccable and to the point. Your experience as a successful entrepreneur allowed you from the get go to speak to each participant on a equal to equal basis. You listened to us and we listened to you. Everything was natural and spontaneous. You stroke just the right mix to stimulate us and bring as all much closer. Our team is very diverse, with people from different walk of life and cultures. You managed to relate to each. You never gave us the feeling that you were applying a « recipe ». Everything was taylor made for our needs and you managed to adapt on the spot when needed. Best, Bart
REMPLIE DE GRATITUDE Merci beaucoup pour ta générosité, pour ces beaux partages d’infos. Merci, merci pour TOUT. Vous avez été FORMIDABLES. Merci et soyez bénis.
For any executive workshop, I would highly recommend Marc Antoine Tschopp. He is a fantastic coach, who knows and understands very well the team dynamics, the tools and the processes to be used in such a close environment. Thanks to his high emotional intelligence, his professional psychological background and his natural cleverness, he is very acute in perceiving quickly all the energies which can be subtly developed from all team members. He perfectly master the technics to reveal a group potential during a workshop and to put it back on tracks. He seizes very precisely and very quickly the strengths and weaknesses of each of us, and is able to reenergize a whole team with lots of success. He simply is a great facilitator, an excellent listener, a perfect adviser and a very generous coach in providing very sound techniques to empower each people individually, but also a whole team.
We have been to three workshops with you and we very much appreciate how much you bring to us every time. You are so passionate about Leadership and you are someone who inspires all of us. The exercises and games you bring enabled us to reach new heights in bonding with each other.
MAT’s extensive experience has helped us understand what Emotional Intelligence and Leadership are all about. The diverse exercises, the format and structure of the trainings and the way he conducts everything makes each of our encounter a unique experience and a joy to be part of.